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About Us (GC Power)

Hi GC Babes!! 

my name is Danni and I would like to speak a little about what my store not too much because we don't have too much time!! We are here to shop! (right) 

Girl's Culture is a store of some of my favorite shoes I know I can match with any outfit on not the type of girl that can wear high heels (but I'm trying) I do love high heels sine my height is 5' Loved to look taller. 

Decide to make a store of my favorite shoes, and the reason is because where ever I found myself,  I always got asked, "hey where you get those shoes, there so cute" (I realized one day like, hey!? I have good taste, wink wink) So here it is my closet. Where I can send anyone who asked me where I get my shoes. 

I really hope you enjoying shopping here, if you have any questions there is a little bubble floating you can chat with me anytime. We want to asked me anything you like even if you are looking for a specific shoe you cant find, maybe I can! 


We hope you take care out there and you wishing you lots of Love and Happiness your way!! 




Girl's Culture