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About Us (GC Power)

Hi GC Loves!

Totally Excited to announce that my website is live, the story of my little shop is that growing up in East LA coming from Mexico, our family never really had money to shop in the Mall or target, Kmart or any department store. Growing up seeing other girls with new shoes and clothes, unused, brand new. For me  clothes and shoes were always important, especially in school, school is like a fashion show, the coolest people always had the cutest clothes and shoes. I know this matters only to some people.  Any who, I was not cool person in school and I could not afford anything new, my family could not afford buying me new clothes or shoes. its not a sad story okay ladies...  it's a motivation story.

I grew up and realize sometimes material things don't matter, BUT,  I also realized that shoes and clothes shouldn't be so expensive. I decided to open a online store and always offer reasonable prices, but also have the option to offer coupons to help save. Always be in the look out for coupons because you will see that the prices usually the coupons are actually great. 

Girl's Culture is a store that carry a lot of my favorite shoes, you can match with any outfit, for work or going out or simply lounge at home! Shop with us any questions please feel free to chat with me at the bottom of the page there is a bubble chat to send me a quick text to negotiate pricing. 

We hope you take care out there and you wishing you lots of Love and Happiness your way!! 



Paloma T

Girl's Culture