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Jefas de Jefas

Love at first sight, when you want to look classy and sassy. We have all styles for every ocassion. 

Short & Sassy

Every outfit must have shoes to go with them. Some women can wear high heels so here we are classy, sexy and comfy to wear. 

Luxury Glow

The shoes we walked out, are the shoes we choose for our daily hustle. We can also pick something sexy and comfortable like this here. 

Hey You!! will definitely be a show stopper, when your walking down the street with some ripped jeans and a white tee wearing these bare naked glass pumps. 

So Sick

She’s street smart and she can’t handle herself, she’s ready for business and importantly takes care of her family. 

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We carry variety styles for each girl, we are The Girl’$ of this Culture! 

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