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No competition with this girl, She will be the next Cardi B Dominicana she our goddess. She’s super sensual. She wearing our triangular heel, where you can walk with so much comfort and still love sexy AF. Be a classy Bitch no one can touch. 

Midnight Heels

Our Killer Goddess reprints determination anything you set your mind you can do. She’s a go getter babe, wearing our neon lime lace up Combat booties, perfect for this type of weather. Super Dr Martin type of look a Bootie must have in every closet. Thank Love for modeling our Neon Booties 

Genessis Hurtado 

Alexa Dee Boot

She’s a Barbie Doll she knows what she wants, a go getter and she can handle herself, she’s means business. She has a look for every where she goes. This look here is a perfect shes that Girl who knows what She’s wants & does it right. Thank our love for modeling our Sneakers

Josetty Hurtado

So Sick Sneakers